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    The AFC Asian Cup, or "Asian Cup" for short, is an international men's soccer team tournament organized by the Asian Football Confederation and held every four years. Since 1997, the Asian Cup champions have represented the AFC in the FIFA Confederations Cup. The Asian Cup is the oldest Intercontinental national team competition in the world except the America’s Cup. It was founded four years earlier than the first European Cup. The Asian Cup is also the highest-level national event in Asia. The participating teams must be AFC members. From 1956 to 2004, each Asian C...


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01/06 19:00 AFC Asian Cup
01/06 22:00 AFC Asian Cup
01/07 01:00 AFC Asian Cup
01/07 17:00 AFC Asian Cup
01/07 19:30 AFC Asian Cup
01/07 22:00 AFC Asian Cup
01/08 22:00 AFC Asian Cup
01/08 22:30 AFC Asian Cup
01/08 23:00 AFC Asian Cup
01/09 01:00 AFC Asian Cup
01/09 01:00 AFC Asian Cup


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