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    Founded in 1877, the Walsall Town Football Club and the Walsall Rapid Football Club, founded in 1879, merged in 1888 and began the name of Walsall Town Rapid Football Club. It participated in the football league in 1892 and was one of the founding teams in the second league. The smallest football club in the black town (Black Town also includes West Bromwich and the Wolves), Walsall's game can attract more than 6,000 fans to watch. In 196, it was changed to the current name "Walsol Football Club". Its nickname "The Saddlers" comes from the local traditional harness production industry.

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12/22 23:00 Football League One
12/26 23:00 Football League One
12/29 23:00 Football League One
01/01 23:00 Football League One
01/05 23:00 Football League One
01/12 23:00 Football League One

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