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    Founded in 1922, El Cules is located in Alicante. It was only occasionally seen in La Liga in the last century. The 70s was the team's most successful period, and the league won the top six consecutively. In the 2005-06 season and 2006-07 season, the team did not perform well in the second division of the league, and achieved a major breakthrough in the 2007-08 season, from the 16th to the 6th. In the last two years, the team has been It is eye-catching and is expected to re-enter La Liga.

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12/22 19:00 Spanish League 3
01/13 19:00 Spanish League 3
01/20 19:00 Spanish League 3
01/27 19:00 Spanish League 3
02/03 19:00 Spanish League 3

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