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    The United States National Football Team was established in 1913 and joined FIFA in 1914 as one of its members. The United States had participated in the first World Cup in 1930. It was also the best performance of the United States in the history of the World Cup. However, it will take 40 years after 1950 to reach the final again. As the United States has traditionally had a lack of interest in football, the United States has consistently performed poorly on men’s football. According to a survey conducted during the 2006 World Cup, 56% of Americans do not know that the World Cup is being hel

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11/30 08:30 Basketball
06/10 03:00 friendly match
06/03 03:00 friendly match
05/29 06:30 friendly match
03/28 07:30 friendly match
02/24 12:00 CBA

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