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    Since 1948, the Faroe Islands are an autonomous region of the Kingdom of Denmark. The realization of the generation of football in the Faroe Islands was rooted in the late 19th century because the football club Tvorjaya Polferrago was founded in 1892. In the 50 years prior to the launch of the National Football Championship in 1942, each club dispatched teams to host the home-and-visitor friendly team depending on the weather or the conditions of the stadium. The Faroe Islands Sports Association, established in 1939, is responsible for the coordination and management of the national football c

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11/21 03:45 European Union
11/18 01:00 European Union
10/14 23:59 European Union
10/12 02:45 European Union
09/11 02:45 European Union
09/08 02:45 European Union
03/25 23:59 friendly match
03/23 01:00 friendly match

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