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    Bran is one of the biggest clubs in Norway, so they are expected to be highly anticipated every season, but they are often disappointing. However, Bran is able to attract the attention of the media and has always caused a football frenzy in Bergen. In addition, Bran sometimes wins the Norwegian Cup and runner-up. In the season from 1961 to 1962, Bran won the Norwegian Football Super League for the first time and also successfully defended in the next season. However, in the following year, Bai Lanen fell to Group A for a lot of injuries. In 1967, Bran returned to the Premier League. In the 2

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06/15 00:30 orwegian Men's Football Cup
05/10 00:00 orwegian Men's Football Cup
11/27 01:00 Tippeligaen
11/06 01:00 Tippeligaen

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