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    Exeter City Football Club is a football club in Exeter, Devonshire, southwest England. It has played mainly in the low level of the English Football League in the past history and has been downgraded since 2003. The National League of the Association, in 2008, upgraded to the English Second Division through the upgrade play-off, and won the second place in the second year of the British League, and upgraded to the English First Division for two consecutive years. Chairman Denise Watts is the only female football club president in the Football Association League. The traditional hostile team i

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11/10 23:00 English Premier League
08/29 02:45 English Football League Cup
08/15 02:45 English Football League Cup
05/28 22:00 British League Tournament
05/18 02:45 British League Tournament
05/12 22:00 British League Tournament

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