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    Goias Football Club, founded in 1943, is a Brazilian club located in Goiania, Goias. On April 6, 1943, Lino Barsi met with friends at home to set up Goias. In 1973, the club will rise to the Brazilian Football League. In 1998, the club joined Clube dos 13 (this is an organization made up of Brazil's strongest clubs). Fu Mingnis is currently the worst offensive team in the Bayi League. In the 14 rounds of home games, the team only scored 16 goals. In the Brazilian league, which is advocating offense, it is difficult to guarantee the number of such goals. The results, and the team has not won a

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11/25 03:00 Brazil League
11/13 06:00 Brazil League
11/10 07:30 Brazil League
11/06 06:00 Brazil League
11/02 06:15 Brazil League
10/27 08:30 Brazil League
10/27 06:15 Brazil League

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