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Inventory: five controversial transfer events

2017/10/15 21:34:23

There are many players in the European transfer market each year to choose to change the court, but some of these heavyweight transfer has been hard for everyone to let go, here we specifically selected the most controversial five times in recent years The transfer event. Ashley Cole (Arsenal & Chelsea)

In fact, as early as 2005 Years, Ashley Cole would like to join Chelsea, and Chelsea is Arsenal's largest and most direct competitor in the city of London, apparently such a decision can not be Arsenal club and fans accepted. In the previous 03-04 season, England's left-back and gunman together created 49 consecutive unbeaten feats in the league, and Ashley Cole's steady play in these games made him One of the best left-backs in the world,. At the same time, Chelsea have just undergone a takeover by Russian tycoon Roman Abramovic, and financially supported Bluestar also hopes to make a difference in the transfer market, just as they spotted Ashley - Cole.

Chelsea decided to try his luck, and Peter Kenyon, chief executive of the club, and Arsenal The club was in direct contact with Ashley Cole's agent without his knowledge, apparently not being allowed by the FA, so Chelsea was called upon immediately after the Arsenal club knew the news FA, and the responsible person for this incident have received different levels of fines, while Chelsea are also deducted in the league three points. After the incident, Ashley - Cole and Arsenal renewed for a year, but Chelsea's chase for him is still not over, and Arsenal intended to Ashley - Cole to provide a A weekly contract salary of 55,000 pounds contract, but the team I affirmed the bottom line of 60,000 weekly salary refuses to let go, and just as Ashley - Cole and Arsenal, the more trouble the more trouble when the Blues Once again shot, eventually in the 2006 transfer deadline, Ashley - Cole to join Chelsea, and Chelsea have also paid £ 5 million plus William Gallas (William Gallas) price. But until now Arsenal fans refuse to forgive Ashley Cole, when he returned to the Emirates Stadium as Chelsea players for the first time, the fans are constantly waving to him Check to show ironic. However, despite this, Ashley - Cole came to Chelsea on the pitch, or as usual, the performance of the game, he helped the Blues won four FA Cup championships, a league title, a Champions League and a European Cup champion. Carlos Tevez (Manchester United & Manchester City)

4. Carlos Tevez Carlos Tevez made some sensational and controversial debut when he first entered the English Premier League as a rookie. He and Javier Mascherano came to West Ham from Corinthians, but the move was full Surprisingly, he and Mascherano did not belong to Corinthians, but rather a sports investment group. When Carlos Tevez's successive goals at the end of the season helped West Ham succeed in relegation, much of the voices of doubt came in the direction of the Argentine, who then chose to move to Manchester United, And until 2009, he felt he was not due respect at the Old Trafford stadium, so he moved to Manchester City, another team Manchester City. His energetic performance on the pitch has so far made fans crazy, and everybody wants him to stay, though Sir Alex Ferguson seldom plays him in key games , But after the end of the season the club still sent a five-year contract extension, but was relentlessly rejected by Argentines.

After Tevez decided to leave, the only hope that the team he signed is Manchester United's rivals Manchester City, but when they are becoming a Premier League can not be ignored, so Tvi Sri Lanka decided to resolutely choose to join Manchester City, and signed with the club has so far not a public contract. After the transfer was completed, the city of Manchester was covered with "Welcome to Manchester" provocative posters that made the two clubs otherwise unpleasant The relationship has become more deteriorated, as between Tevez and Manchester United is even more difficult to reconcile.

3. Sol Campbell (Tottenham & Arsenal)

In the summer of 2001, Sol Campbell left his ten year Tottenham Hotspur, free transfer to join another team in London Arsenal. In the past few seasons, Campbell, with his continuous efforts to gradually become England and the world's most outstanding central defender, although the negotiations between him and Tottenham has not been smooth, But he still made a promise to Tottenham fans that he would stay at the club, but the last thing was disappointing. Tottenham provided Campbell with an almost irrefutable offer, but Campbell eventually refused Tottenham renewal request, resolutely choose to leave. According to Campbell himself, Champions League is the biggest reason why he chose to leave. After moving to Arsenal, Campbell quickly became the most stable link in the guerrilla defense where he spent his career The most successful five-year scene, and for the highly anticipated Spurs fans, Campbell left them a long time can not be relieved. In the ensuing years, whenever two teams played against the league, Tottenham fans booed to "entertain" Arsenal and Campbell, while the big white deer Lane Stadium we can clearly hear the audience's "traitor" sound, but from the player's personal development point of view, Campbell's success is indeed indeed the choice, with his help, Arsenal won the Premier League 2 times The winner, who won the FA Cup 3 degrees, also reached the final in the 2006 Champions League.

4. Roberto Baggio (Florence & Juventus)

When Roberto Baggio (1990) Juventus, the old club fans Florence eyes full of lonely. The two clubs in the incident ran a long grudges against Fiorentina, while Florence, originally expected to win the match, was forced to draw Cagliari 0-0 in the 81-82 Serie A final round. Juve Tusi relied on a penalty kick before the game to get a crucial 3 points, which won the league titles that season, so the fans of Purple Lily are very sad, they think the old lady steal Take the trophy that originally belonged to them. In the following 89-90 season, the two teams met in the UEFA Cup final, and before the game Florentino star Baggio is almost sure to leave the team, and the new club is likely to be their final opponent Juventus Tus. Juventus laughed the last time this time, the first leg of the match they rely on a very controversial goal 3 to 1 beat the opponent, and the second turn of the two sides 0 to 0 the result of the final ownership of the trophy Elderly woman, of course, in addition to defeat, leaving Purple Lily fans sad is their idol Baggio in a few days later announced the transfer to Juventus, when the Florence club to determine the transfer of information, many emotional fans Riot broke out at one time. In the following seasons, the story between the two teams is far from over. Baggio said in an interview later that it was involuntary to choose to move forward. And when he returned home to Florence, he still refused to take the penalty kick, which led him to be replaced by the coach in advance. When the former hero came off, the fans of the Purple Lily dropped a piece from the stands The home team scarves, Baggio did not hesitate to pick up the scarf and made a kiss action. Have to say that this transfer is one of the most sensational effects of the Italian football history.

5. Luis Figo (Barcelona & Real Madrid)

To tell the truth, not many people can play both in Barcelona and Real Madrid in their careers Club, but Luis Figo did, leaving Camp Nou in the summer of 2000 for Bernabeu. Figo ushered in the golden age of his career in Barcelona, ??he helped Barcelona won two league titles and two King's Cup champion, and he was almost Barcelona midfielder lineup An integral part of this Barcelona in the past five years, fans regarded him as almost never made mistakes idol. But everything has become too fast, when Figo to a record 37,500,000 pounds transfer fee to Barcelona's rivals Real Madrid, the amazing transfer to the eyes of the world are turned to Real Madrid And Barcelona, ??the two deep grudges club. Figo suddenly from the Catalan heroes cast into the object of million people, but then became the Real Madrid president Florentino Perez regarded the Portuguese as he brought to the club fans Meet at the ceremony, and during that time the Galaxy fleet is constantly acquiring the best players in the world, the lucrative contract, Figo chose Real Madrid. And many Barcelona loyal fans until the Portuguese retirement have no choice to forgive him for this move.

After the transfer is completed, there are continuous conflicts fans event, when Figo returned to Camp Nou as Real Madrid players, Real Madrid team bus was Barcelona fans Attack, and when Figo embarked on the pitch that moment, the audience of more than 10 fans is more continuous and gradually boosted boos "entertain" him. Time seems unable to erase the hearts and minds of Barcelona fans, when Figo returned to Camp Nou again two years later, he was the scene of the fans attack. When the Portuguese stood at the corner kick to prepare the kick, the Nou Camp blew him with small objects such as bottles, coins, lighters, cell phones and even bicycle chains. The scene was close to losing control , And this picture was also captured by the presence of the photographer, the incident caused a very bad influence, but also become one of La Liga history's most outrageous picture. Barcelona fans use "Traitor" to respond to Figo, while Figo has also become the most unpopular Nou Camp. But having said that, these failed to prevent him and Real Madrid to win the Liga Champions and Champions League champions.