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Simone: There will be a hard-fought battle with Getafe

2017/10/15 21:34:21

Spain local time on the evening of November 22, Atletico coach Simeone attended a regular press conference with Getafe before the game. During that period, he said the first round of the international competitions will be a test of the players, but also revealed the team's current injury situation. Simone first expressed concern about the status of the players : "Now I'm not sure what kind of starting lineup the team will be sending out. Everything depends on the physical condition of the players and their status on the training ground. Currently we only lost a league in the league, I hope the team can continue to continue such a good momentum. Then he focused on the Uruguay players just returned to the team: "First of all, I am happy for them, the Uruguay team successfully promoted to next year's World Cup. But I have to carefully consider some of them about their physical condition. They had just returned to the club by the end of their tournament mission, and I'm not sure if they will debut at the weekend. "About the team's injuries, the Argentine said:" Villa has started to work with the team, and Diego Costa has recovered Not bad The final starting eleven will not be known until tomorrow, but unfortunately Adrian's ankle still has some problems, and we are not sure if he'll be able to play in this game. Finally, he talked about his opponent Getafe team: "Weekend will have a bad fight." Getafe is not a good opponent, and they are hardly affected by International Day of Games, and I think physical fitness is an advantage for them. Although the game will be difficult, but our goal will not change, that is, to win them all. & rdquo;