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Biography: Real Madrid and Coen Trang to complete the renewal

2017/10/15 21:34:20

Real Madrid defense general Fabio Coentrao was injured in 2013 during the second round of this week's World Cup qualifying play-off between Portugal and Sweden. But he has recently reaped good news from his bed. According to Spanish media revealed that the Portuguese have renewed the club contract, he will be effective for the Galaxy Warship by 2018. Real Madrid club before there and Coen Trang And Pepe's plan, but has not yet implemented. There are media reports, Cole Tran had previously hoped Real Madrid can raise his wages, and commissioned by Realtors and Realtors to start negotiations, it now appears that the two sides reached a consensus that the Portuguese's future will be spent in Real Madrid. In the recent summer transfer window, Coentron was close to leaving the team, and his suitors lack Manchester United and Monaco such a wealthy club. Now, for other clubs interested in him, the Portuguese after the renewal is "out of reach." Currently, Cohenteng returned to Portugal for further examination and treatment due to the right leg muscle injury. I wish he can return to the court as soon as possible, but also hope he Real Madrid's future even more bright.